Degree Show Analysis

After 2 weeks of building, decorating , cleaning and creating the work the show build is finally over. After a few hiccups regarding the space I was given and several moves around at last minute I am quite satisfied with the final outcome. The first move was one out of necessity as I started with a very small wall but wanted to create a more immersive experience that would be able to surround you and direct you into the video documentation playing on a screen. The second (slight) move that was made one the day before the deadline was that to double my space. This was very much a exciting and encouraging move as I wouldn’t be sharing the space and I was able to create much more work on the walls and and fully make the space my own meaning I was able to reach my goal of a fully immersive sized show.


Here you can see a couple of the coloured bits used to show the work of collaboration with other people that I scalped out of vinyl compared to the sources material I used from my pervious performances.

18516445_10207976178996475_1105885744_o 18519196_10207976232757819_1865619243_o

18493004_10207976178516463_497023166_o IMG_20170425_0031

18472374_10207976178316458_1768076351_o IMG_20170425_0035

Looking back if I had know about the size changes I would have laid out the work diffrently and started much earlier as I was only able to do small bits of the coulour on the walls due to late notice and a time consuming making process. Also I think that knowing I would be having a very large space the show I would have set up a section in the centre where people could sit and relax together, talk, listen to the music or just look at the work from the centre of the space.






CD – Continuing My Ideas

After much debate about the idea of me creating a cd to give away and sell during and after my degree show I have decided to create them as a piece of art which will act as a continuing tool for connection back to this work and to the social connections that have been created but also create new interactions and relations. Whether that is thought the physical giving and receiving of the cd or that of the shared experience of hearing the tracks and being transported into the sensory experience of isolation that was created through collaboration.\


The cd being titled insularity the same name I have given to all of my work this year. The collaborative name being Alucidos – being something something alcid and not quite tangible referring to concepts in fine art. (dos being the tow of us that created the album). The track names 125 Detachment referring back to the long periods of time I initially spent hiding away recorind noices in order for all of this work to have been created. Myopia -lack of foresight or intellectual insight (short sited). Autarky – self sufficiency/ independence. Sonance – A sound with no musical quality. Live – The first performance of my degree work.

Looking at different cd case designs to see what would best fit my ideas.

The cases of the cd’s are made out of the scrolls they are created from therefore also offering a piece of one off art work to those that have allowed me to discover the power of collaboration.




During my next performance I plan on giving out a cd to many of the viewers and to the people that have helped me realise my concepts and joined my collaboration within the performances. (Forever continuing on the performances but aways from the critical sight of an audience).

Assessment Performance

As part of my final assessment on Monday it was suggested that I do a performance to fully show the extent of my final years work in its full intensity. With this I feel like I have a final shot at manipulating my performance to reach new goals within the ascetic and artistic principles but also within the realms of the collaboration and interaction side of  my artistic practice and the performance. With these ideas I have decided to carry on with the idea of responding to the music visually but where as that was normally the outcome of the performance I want it to be the start and the outcome. Using the drawings to fuel the sound performance and the sound to influence the mark making. This why the performance will solely rely on the interaction and collaboration between the performer and the viewer and will also question who is the performance and who is the viewer throughout the performance.

Final Degree Show Ideas/ Plan

For my degree show I want the main eliment to be focusing on the performance aspect of my work. The idea of a performance on the opening night was simple but what I would show for the duration of the show was a counfuing dicission. After having problems with the space I was allocated I was able to move to a more suitable place consisting of a large L shape in which I will display a video of my previous performances with sound within the corner of the space. The large scale drawingings that where created during my latest performance I see now as unsuitable for the level of professionalism of the degree show so I have decided to take the marks made by other people and reinterpret them in combination with my own straight into the walls while listening to the different performances. 

The drawings on the wall will start at the entrance of the space and will slowly lead the view into he space and towards the video piece at the far end of the wall.

Using bright colours, similar to that of the participants work from my performance, of sticky back vynl it will allow the collaborative work to stand out more from the work that I have created solo and therefore help push my ideas of showing the work of collaboration.

Drawing Installations – Found in Translation

FOUND IN TRANSLATION: Deakin University Art Gallery is part of an ongoing Instruction Drawing project in which Wlodarczak translates language into drawing, a practice the artist calls ‘interpretation drawing’.
Exploring the idea of drawing and language being coded modes of communication, Wlodarczak took a drawing produced during a residency at the Western Washington University Art Gallery in 2012 as her starting point, and developed two pictorial alphabets, each letter of the English alphabet (and a couple of punctuation marks) represented by a small detail of this drawing. From these pictorial alphabets, Wlodarczak made scaled-up stencils to create a series of site-specific ‘Interpretation Drawings’ that contain coded messages, directly onto the Gallery walls.


The ‘performers’ within this 3rd performance of the set, that created the art installation where instructed in what to do via a set of instructions provided by the artist, similar the instructions I give within my performance for the participants and audience to create sound and visual images.Viewers where also instructed to decode the message via instructions also similar to the way I want people to view my work and then the accompanying video and sound for them to decode and work out the different sounds the lines and shapes make around them. This project was also created out of talks and meetings with the collective of people that created the work inspiring me to carry on with the constant collaboration with other people within my work.

Using the lines with in my exhibition space as a performance in themselves, the sound of creating the line and the interpretation of listening to the sounds from the pervious performances while getting into the mind farm of the previous people who partook in the drawing aspect of my performance and recreating their mark making. I prefer the technique of people having to ‘decode’ the installation via the information in the artist statement and the accompanying video within my show over the use of an interactive installation as it still allows people to come together to experience and work through the installation but within their own ways not through strict interaction rules.

Second Live Performance

With in this performance I wanted to include the role of responding to the music and see other people interpretation of visual sound and how the performer and the audience could interact with oneanother to produce a collaborative live performance but also visiual work that would last after the small time frame of the performance. Asking the audiace to watch listen and then draw onto large pieces of paper.

The interaction between the audience that are drawing and the band is easy to see. Whether that be them drawing along to the sounds or taking breaks in which they are watching and processing the situation and atmosphere. Often the members of the band are interacting with each other communicating what they are thinking or just having fun and creating emotional connection with one another.

I planned on displaying the physical artwork created within this performance within my show as it is a visual representation of the collaboration that has taken place within this this performance but after the performance I realised that the pens I gavce out during the performance where not broad enough to creat stong looking work (too washed out and faint) but I am going to use these large piece of paper as refrance within in my show work.


Combing Live Music Performance and the Role of Audience as Artists.

From my previous performance in which I invited participants to join me and my ideas about visual sound art and assembled a band with similar ideas and created a performance. I invited audience members to join in with us and view and listen to this sensory experience. Now with my new research into the roles of participation within performance I am now invited the audience of my performance to take part and also became the artist by reinterpreting the sound and music from the performance back into visual msuuic scores.

Also for this performance I have given the new joiners of the band children’s musical toys rather then asking them to bring there own internments. This allows anyone to join my small community, not just ones that have there own instrument. But also the aspect of playing and fun that comes with the use of toys and other objects that remind us of childhood. This straightaway broke down barriers and created convosation before the performance had started. (WHY)

The video footage and the large scale drawings that have been created are the start of plans I have towards when I would like to exhibit for my degree show. Rather then only having work created by me within the show I would like to show the collaborative work for the reminded to the audience and myself that the my art is that of community and social interactions/ friendships.