Degree Show Analysis

After 2 weeks of building, decorating , cleaning and creating the work the show build is finally over. After a few hiccups regarding the space I was given and several moves around at last minute I am quite satisfied with the final outcome. The first move was one out of necessity as I started with a very small wall but wanted to create a more immersive experience that would be able to surround you and direct you into the video documentation playing on a screen. The second (slight) move that was made one the day before the deadline was that to double my space. This was very much a exciting and encouraging move as I wouldn’t be sharing the space and I was able to create much more work on the walls and and fully make the space my own meaning I was able to reach my goal of a fully immersive sized show.


Here you can see a couple of the coloured bits used to show the work of collaboration with other people that I scalped out of vinyl compared to the sources material I used from my pervious performances.

18516445_10207976178996475_1105885744_o 18519196_10207976232757819_1865619243_o

18493004_10207976178516463_497023166_o IMG_20170425_0031

18472374_10207976178316458_1768076351_o IMG_20170425_0035

Looking back if I had know about the size changes I would have laid out the work diffrently and started much earlier as I was only able to do small bits of the coulour on the walls due to late notice and a time consuming making process. Also I think that knowing I would be having a very large space the show I would have set up a section in the centre where people could sit and relax together, talk, listen to the music or just look at the work from the centre of the space.






Combing Live Music Performance and the Role of Audience as Artists.

From my previous performance in which I invited participants to join me and my ideas about visual sound art and assembled a band with similar ideas and created a performance. I invited audience members to join in with us and view and listen to this sensory experience. Now with my new research into the roles of participation within performance I am now invited the audience of my performance to take part and also became the artist by reinterpreting the sound and music from the performance back into visual msuuic scores.

Also for this performance I have given the new joiners of the band children’s musical toys rather then asking them to bring there own internments. This allows anyone to join my small community, not just ones that have there own instrument. But also the aspect of playing and fun that comes with the use of toys and other objects that remind us of childhood. This straightaway broke down barriers and created convosation before the performance had started. (WHY)

The video footage and the large scale drawings that have been created are the start of plans I have towards when I would like to exhibit for my degree show. Rather then only having work created by me within the show I would like to show the collaborative work for the reminded to the audience and myself that the my art is that of community and social interactions/ friendships.

Ten Minute Scrolls

After creating the previous sound tracks that consisted of 7/ 5 minutes and where created from scrolls that where created form 2+ hours I decided that to be able to get a more direct representation of the marks into music everything would have to be created with the same time duration. So for these I hid and recorded 10 minutes of background and spacial noise then recreated this over 1o meter (1 meter = 1 minute). This time to the musician the only rule I gave was that they had to follow the same rules.


The images are that of both scrolls place on top of each other for easier viewing. Each section should be viewed a strip at a time left to right and then fallow on to the one underneath it.

From this you can directly view the marks on the paper and here the noise they create, liking this more to a time score on sheet music. Below is a video of the imagery scrolling across the screen as this is another way my work can be shown without the need for a large space and audience movement.

Scroll 2


Images To Sound / Computer Software

Looking into visual sound origanly with looking at the basic sound waves created by computers form my origninal sound recordings and then with my own interpretations that consisted of abstract marking making i have decided to look into the revers (images into sound). For this i have taken my original abstrac sketches that I created while hiding away in the studio and placed them into image to sound software to create music tracks.


As the images are only A4 I decided that 20 seconds would be prefect time for such a short image. Changing the images into negative alowed me to use the light with in the images to be read as sound freqcancy.

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.04.08.png

Another element to this is when placing the new tracks into Adobe Audition to see what the new tracks looks like I stumbled across spectral frequency displays. When viewing this form of the sound waves they almost completely match the original images that was imputed into the images to sound software. (This also allowed me to see that the software only created sound from the top section of the image)

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.12.11Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.12.31

Below is the other 6 sketches with the sound that have been created from them and their respective frequency displays.

Image 2


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.14.28

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.14.31

Image 3



Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.16.12

Image 4


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.18.56

Image 5


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.20.43

Image 6


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.24.27

From realising the top of the images where only being made into sound I extended the images so that all of the original image was in the top section and the bottom was blank to see if this would allow me to create a music track form the whole image.

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.43.11

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.43.24.png

As you can see from the new spectral frequency displays and from the sound of the images these tracks contain much more of the images with in the sounds.

From this I am determined to look at creating more images into sound and music but with humans and instruments instead of computer software since I am physical doing the job of a machine with my mark making the self interpretation of a human will give the new tracks a separation from each other.


From my interest in the visual sound of isolation I created sound waves from the sound recordings I made while hiding in various areas around the studio. To further this and along with my reasurch into visual sound and fluxus music scores I have created my own hand drawn sound waves/ music scores. The length of each role of paper is 20 meters and the duration of the drawing corresponds with the length of the original recording. (Each meter of a scroll is a set number of minutes per scroll). Acting as a machine I am creating something likened to a lie detector machine but placing my own perceptions of the sounds into the visual field. And therefore each particular shape had its own corrisponding sound.
The fluxus and graphic music scores where all made to be performed from and with this in mind I am planning on giving the scrolls to different musictions and asking them to interpret the different shapes and lines how ever they imagin they would sound.


The reason for not creating the music/ sound tracks myself is that I have heard the original tracks and know what each shape on the scrolls corresponds to. Therefore I will I will have previous knowledge and a skewed perception to what the marks on the scrolls sounds like.