From looking at the title inside/ Outside I began looking at the outer shell of the body and how out skin protects us from the outside while also keeping what is inside our body’s ‘inside’. I am fascinated by the way skin is a world wide symbol of beauty and how young/ healthy skin is considered the definition o true beauty, but soon as it is removed from the body it becomes disgusting and creepy and most people would try to avoid coming into contact with it (in the same way you wouldn’t want to sit on the sofa with your friends toenail clippings and picked scabs) but it is still the same cellular make up. so I am curious what happens during the physical detaching process that changes everyone’s views of what was once considered beauty.



After looking into different ways I could approach creating and producing my ideas I decided to take a few images of my body physically manipulated by holding my body in distorted positions and indenting my skin with items of clothing. I also used a low light with a harsh flash to really bring out the unnatural tones in my skin. By doing this it has transformed my skin from the physical humanistic form we all recognizance into something that looks more like landscape and architectural forms.