Future Networking – Business Cards / Website

The use of my website franchambers.co.uk will help me display my work to a wider audience allow a quick and easy access to all of my work, shows and projects. To boost this I have also made smart business cards and will be handing out and selling my cd’s for my current work as part of the concept for the degree show but on the back stickers with my web address will allow other people that access the cd to also find and explore my work further.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 18.26.39


Final Degree Show Ideas/ Plan

For my degree show I want the main eliment to be focusing on the performance aspect of my work. The idea of a performance on the opening night was simple but what I would show for the duration of the show was a counfuing dicission. After having problems with the space I was allocated I was able to move to a more suitable place consisting of a large L shape in which I will display a video of my previous performances with sound within the corner of the space. The large scale drawingings that where created during my latest performance I see now as unsuitable for the level of professionalism of the degree show so I have decided to take the marks made by other people and reinterpret them in combination with my own straight into the walls while listening to the different performances. 

The drawings on the wall will start at the entrance of the space and will slowly lead the view into he space and towards the video piece at the far end of the wall.

Using bright colours, similar to that of the participants work from my performance, of sticky back vynl it will allow the collaborative work to stand out more from the work that I have created solo and therefore help push my ideas of showing the work of collaboration.

Multi Exposure Landscapes

As a final exploration of my landscape work before my presentation I tried combining my photography and my first sketches and the photographs where inspired by the textures of my sketches. While I was taking the photographs I was constantly refer back to my sketches for ideas of layout and composition. This can be easily seen thought the almost direct shapes and forms copied in my work.

DSC_0063DSC_0139 copyDSC_0168 copy

I love the dynamic effect of the small sketches of the larger landscape laid over the top of the micro landscapes and the similarities between two opposite ends of the scale spectrum.

DSC_0206 copyDSC_0221 copyDSC_0253DSC_0291

I am still really inspired by landscape and now we are at the end of field I will continue to look at the things I have discovered during this module and try and link bit I have learned into my subject work over the next few months.

Landscape Collages

From looking at landscape photography and digitally editing images to make the look more surreal I tried to hand manipulate some of my lesser interesting photos though collage.


Though all of them are not directly referring to micro surreal landscape I think they all work well as landscape pieces. And some are decisively representative of large scale landscape. I feel like I need to look more into this type of work because I really enjoy the look of them and the reactions that I have gotten from other people about them.


Landscape Collage Artist Research

Beth Hoeckel

Throughout all of Hoeckel’s work, there runs a deep sense of being amazed at the grandness of the universe and in her Point of View series she depicts people from all walks of life staring in awe at various natural vistas, be it the moon, a mountain, the sky or the ocean, sometimes larger than the landscape and often times dwarfed by it.

This links very well into my work of making small scale nature large and somewhat imposing at times.



The was she has collaged the sky in this image inspired my to add the water in my own collages as the sky for one of the landscapes.



Bryan Olson

Olson’s work creates a weird other worldly feeling that is part earth landscape part alien landscape. His work reflects that of his own wonders: nature, space, and the ultimate unknown.

strange-grass-bryan-olson-e1382221354650 2013_bryan-olson-02


Again the way he has layered landscape with other geometric shapes and bizar back grounds creates a sense of otherworldly ness that I would like to recreate in my work but still keeping to images of the landscape.




Micro Landscapes

Inspired by this video and a convosation I had with David. I decided to look at micro landscapes. Using perspective and looking at different textures inspired by my sketches I aim to create confusing and surreal landscape images. My hope when I set out to create these was that at first you would just see a landscape but after closer inspection you can tell that is a very small section of land (and the reverse)

DSC_0057DSC_0058 DSC_0084DSC_0139DSC_0140DSC_0186DSC_0212DSC_0213DSC_0221DSC_0236DSC_0253DSC_0292




Rubbish Representing Landscape

In these images that I have taken the rubbish in the images can be interpreted at bits of landscape giving another dynamic view to the rubbish landscapes. I love the way that at fist glance it can be difficult to tell that the main object is man made and not meant to be in the landscape.