Preparing For My Assessment Performance

From my pervious performances I want to shake up the process of it like I have done every time with a new performance (including drawing etc). For my newest and my last performance rather than the band performing from some of my previous old work I would like the whole process to be contained within the time farm of the performance. Therefore I will be encouraging the audience to begin drawing and then the band to create music from the shapes and marks they make. I will also suggest that the audience take inspiration for their mark making from the sounds and music that band is creating. Therefore creating a full circle of viewing and responding and putting into question who is the spectator as the participants with in the band will also be watching and observing the audience as if they are the artist of the performance.

This allows more emotional connections between people as everyone is on the same level of viewing and being viewer, this allows for a deeper more complex understanding of the main goals of my performs which is connecting with people and using the advantages that comes with performance art.


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