Drawing Installations – Found in Translation

FOUND IN TRANSLATION: Deakin University Art Gallery is part of an ongoing Instruction Drawing project in which Wlodarczak translates language into drawing, a practice the artist calls ‘interpretation drawing’.
Exploring the idea of drawing and language being coded modes of communication, Wlodarczak took a drawing produced during a residency at the Western Washington University Art Gallery in 2012 as her starting point, and developed two pictorial alphabets, each letter of the English alphabet (and a couple of punctuation marks) represented by a small detail of this drawing. From these pictorial alphabets, Wlodarczak made scaled-up stencils to create a series of site-specific ‘Interpretation Drawings’ that contain coded messages, directly onto the Gallery walls.


The ‘performers’ within this 3rd performance of the set, that created the art installation where instructed in what to do via a set of instructions provided by the artist, similar the instructions I give within my performance for the participants and audience to create sound and visual images.Viewers where also instructed to decode the message via instructions also similar to the way I want people to view my work and then the accompanying video and sound for them to decode and work out the different sounds the lines and shapes make around them. This project was also created out of talks and meetings with the collective of people that created the work inspiring me to carry on with the constant collaboration with other people within my work.

Using the lines with in my exhibition space as a performance in themselves, the sound of creating the line and the interpretation of listening to the sounds from the pervious performances while getting into the mind farm of the previous people who partook in the drawing aspect of my performance and recreating their mark making. I prefer the technique of people having to ‘decode’ the installation via the information in the artist statement and the accompanying video within my show over the use of an interactive installation as it still allows people to come together to experience and work through the installation but within their own ways not through strict interaction rules.


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