Second Live Performance

With in this performance I wanted to include the role of responding to the music and see other people interpretation of visual sound and how the performer and the audience could interact with oneanother to produce a collaborative live performance but also visiual work that would last after the small time frame of the performance. Asking the audiace to watch listen and then draw onto large pieces of paper.

The interaction between the audience that are drawing and the band is easy to see. Whether that be them drawing along to the sounds or taking breaks in which they are watching and processing the situation and atmosphere. Often the members of the band are interacting with each other communicating what they are thinking or just having fun and creating emotional connection with one another.

I planned on displaying the physical artwork created within this performance within my show as it is a visual representation of the collaboration that has taken place within this this performance but after the performance I realised that the pens I gavce out during the performance where not broad enough to creat stong looking work (too washed out and faint) but I am going to use these large piece of paper as refrance within in my show work.



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