The Line as Physical

London’s Lisson Gallery explores this basic construct of art with in a show called Line curated by Drawing Room, explores the work of 15 international artists and their exploration of the line. They include artists like Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, and Tom Marioni. In these artworks the line isn’t always confined to a piece of canvas or paper, instead lines become installations with depth and volume or conceptual experiments.

The artist Monika Grzymala’s site-specific installation Raumzeichnung (outside/inside) explores the line as a 3D scupliture using black tape and clear plastic. “I describe all of my installations as architectural interventions or spatial drawings”


Even with Grzymala’s work being made from tape it has similarities to the lines and mark making within my work. Both share a kinetic energy within the lines that allows to to follow the lines and consume the energy and motion the seem to give off.

Sometimes the line is more minimalistic and and simplistic like Ceal Floyer’s Taking a Line for a Walk. It features a painted white line, the type seen on sports fields, running through the gallery and up the stairs spilling out across the steps until it ends next to the apparatus that created it, a line-making machine.


Within my work the line is not only a physical object and the physical side of my work it is also sound and relationship. The line has its own presents within the work and the space it is shown in.

Drawing Room’s directors Mary Doyle and Kate Macfarlane point out in the text that accompanies the exhibition, it was LeWitt who said, “Obviously a drawing of a person is not a real person, but a drawing of a line is a real line.” This create interest in my work as the lines in my work are not really the music they represent but the physical action of drawing the lone creates sound against the paper/ wall. Therefore the line is a sound and a presence in more ways then one.


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