Interactive Sound Mural

The Ambient Play installation features murals that trigger sounds when touched, so people can interact and engage with one another through music and art. The goal of ‘Ambient Play’ was to connect people, visitors to the exhibition could meet other participants and interact with one another through the sounds of the artwork.


Another sound mural is by One Thousand Birds who are a music design studio and used the same technique to also produce are work that could be played like and instrument with the idea of bringing people together to experience a multi sensory large scale art piece.

Communal gatyhering plavce whwre people can converge on to look and discover the different sounds and shapes within my piece is what I am interested in a different way this can be done is explained above. I would love to look into this material and software as not only could I bring people together with my performances but also after when I am displaying my work people will still be able to come together and create sound from my music scores. The idea that my work will not only represent visual sound but will create sound out of the physical and visual.



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