Morgan O’Hara

“The LIVE TRANSMISSION drawings are a record, performed in real time, of the vital movement of living beings. They transcend both figuration and abstraction.
I draw methodically with multiple razor-sharp pencils and both hands, as time-based performance, executing a direct neural transmission from one human action into another. I condense movement into accumulations of graphite line, which combine the controlled refinement of classical drawing with the unbound sensuality of spontaneous gesture. Time-space coordinates for each drawing are described with precision in the titles.”

O’Hara use of performative drawing really resonates with my own practice of having the process of drawing more of the art work then the finished piece. He work really inspires and interests me in the physicality of the drawing process just the the physical movement of making music or a performance art piece.

From looking into her work I am inspired to focus more on the live aspect and the performance side of my work therefore create more drawings from live music and performances.


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