Formative Assessment – Artist Statement

Insularity  – The state or condition of being an island

My current practice consists of the visual sound of isolation. Drawing on my recent experience of isolating myself in foreign countries for an extended period of time, being constantly surrounded by sound but also being very separated from it. Linking in with the performance work of John Cage in which the duration there was no music played yet there was still not silence. I began exploring what the sound of isolation, that being the constant noise that surrounds us that goes unnoticed, can be represented visual to give the core of isolation which is multi sensory but not always observable, a visual image. Drawing on the ideas of the Fluxus music I recreated the sounds that surrounded me when I was isolated  into visual abstract music scores which have then been performed from whether that be in a studio or live to create sonic environments of isolation and insularity.


1. Scrolls

2. Images To Sound / Computer Software

3. Development Of Sound – Second Music Track

4. Ten Minute Scrolls

5. Live Performance


1. Lincolnshire Poacher (numbers station)

2. John Cage – 4’33”

3. Music Boxes / Machines

4. Graphic / Fluxus Music Scores

5. Fluxus Music Performances


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