Fluxus Music Performances

Previously mentioned was John Cage’s perfoemce piece 4’33” in which I was looking into for the role and impact the sound of nothing can have with in a performance but also the lack of silence with in life. With representing visual sound art I looked at graphic and fluxus music scores but when looking into theses I realised that for them to reach there full artistic impact they must be performed. And there has been many diffrent types of performances.

The Fluxus artist movmeant that he was part of also paved the way for a new type of music and art performance. Its artists used a range of media and processes adopting a ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude to creative activity, often staging random performances and using whatever materials were at hand to make art. Seeing themselves as an alternative to academic art and music.


With sound performance not only will I be turing my work back into sound but also doing this publicly and visually. Also with the idea of doing a large group performance I am once again toying with the idea of creating work about self isolation while collaborating and being surrounded and enveloped by people.

Particularly the section where the artist is creating sound/ music from the act of writing, drawing, scribbling on paper.


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