Ten Minute Scrolls

After creating the previous sound tracks that consisted of 7/ 5 minutes and where created from scrolls that where created form 2+ hours I decided that to be able to get a more direct representation of the marks into music everything would have to be created with the same time duration. So for these I hid and recorded 10 minutes of background and spacial noise then recreated this over 1o meter (1 meter = 1 minute). This time to the musician the only rule I gave was that they had to follow the same rules.


The images are that of both scrolls place on top of each other for easier viewing. Each section should be viewed a strip at a time left to right and then fallow on to the one underneath it.

From this you can directly view the marks on the paper and here the noise they create, liking this more to a time score on sheet music. Below is a video of the imagery scrolling across the screen as this is another way my work can be shown without the need for a large space and audience movement.

Scroll 2



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