Degree Show Proposal

The work for my final degree show will consist of an installation of many 20m scrolls of paper displaying abstract sound waves/scrapes. This is to be accompanied with the music tracts that have been created from these playing though hidden speakers in opposite corners of the space. This space will need to be self-contained as the work is made to be fully immersive and representative of isolation. The use of dark space, seating and spotlights is to heighten the sense of separation from other people and allow a more sensory experience.

There will also be a live performance form one of the scrolls that will be performed and recorded on the opening night of the show. This is consisting of many instruments and volunteers.

Equipment/ Materials

  • Sound and video recording equipment for the live performance for assessment and degree show opening
  • Bulldog clips and nails for hanging scrolls on walls all around the space
  • Speakers (self supplied) cd player
  • Spotlights
  • Soft floor seating


  • One large multi use space/ one space and alternative performance space (for a small orchestra) with audience area
  • Enclosed box within studio, dark with work across walls lit and space in the centre for floor seating (Dark space in studio or one created in centre of studio?)– to mirror feelings of isolation, immersive into the sound pieces but also able to see the visual marks on scrolls
  • 20m ish combined wall length (Length of largest work)
  • Open space or large enough enclosed space to allow live performance on opening night and assessment

Selling cd’s – So possible table and money box

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 21.30.54


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