Music Boxes / Machines

When I was looking at different ways I could turn my paper scrolls back into music I came across basic music boxes that use a long strip of paper fed through a metal box with at certain points has holes punched though it that then allows the metal prongs inside the box. Straight away this reminded me of look of my own work. From this I looked into other forms of machines that are more visual and therefore could be classed as visual sound art, while creating sound.


This last one in which the machine is created a special way and still requires human involvement but it is still the sculpture (the artwork)  is what is creating the sounds and music.

Looking though this kind of visual music has really inspired me to recreate my mark making back into sound but in a more personal way to help incorporate the ideas of emotions and human reaction of my original ideas of isolation. Wether this be via turing the work into a paper cut and creating something that works like a music box or translating the marks into computer software.


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