Images To Sound / Computer Software

Looking into visual sound origanly with looking at the basic sound waves created by computers form my origninal sound recordings and then with my own interpretations that consisted of abstract marking making i have decided to look into the revers (images into sound). For this i have taken my original abstrac sketches that I created while hiding away in the studio and placed them into image to sound software to create music tracks.


As the images are only A4 I decided that 20 seconds would be prefect time for such a short image. Changing the images into negative alowed me to use the light with in the images to be read as sound freqcancy.

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.04.08.png

Another element to this is when placing the new tracks into Adobe Audition to see what the new tracks looks like I stumbled across spectral frequency displays. When viewing this form of the sound waves they almost completely match the original images that was imputed into the images to sound software. (This also allowed me to see that the software only created sound from the top section of the image)

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.12.11Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.12.31

Below is the other 6 sketches with the sound that have been created from them and their respective frequency displays.

Image 2


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.14.28

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.14.31

Image 3



Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.16.12

Image 4


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.18.56

Image 5


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.20.43

Image 6


Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.24.27

From realising the top of the images where only being made into sound I extended the images so that all of the original image was in the top section and the bottom was blank to see if this would allow me to create a music track form the whole image.

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.43.11

Screenshot 2017-03-08 16.43.24.png

As you can see from the new spectral frequency displays and from the sound of the images these tracks contain much more of the images with in the sounds.

From this I am determined to look at creating more images into sound and music but with humans and instruments instead of computer software since I am physical doing the job of a machine with my mark making the self interpretation of a human will give the new tracks a separation from each other.


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