From my interest in the visual sound of isolation I created sound waves from the sound recordings I made while hiding in various areas around the studio. To further this and along with my reasurch into visual sound and fluxus music scores I have created my own hand drawn sound waves/ music scores. The length of each role of paper is 20 meters and the duration of the drawing corresponds with the length of the original recording. (Each meter of a scroll is a set number of minutes per scroll). Acting as a machine I am creating something likened to a lie detector machine but placing my own perceptions of the sounds into the visual field. And therefore each particular shape had its own corrisponding sound.
The fluxus and graphic music scores where all made to be performed from and with this in mind I am planning on giving the scrolls to different musictions and asking them to interpret the different shapes and lines how ever they imagin they would sound.


The reason for not creating the music/ sound tracks myself is that I have heard the original tracks and know what each shape on the scrolls corresponds to. Therefore I will I will have previous knowledge and a skewed perception to what the marks on the scrolls sounds like.



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