a cognitive condition that causes the synesthete to conflate one sense for another, for example to taste colors, or perceive certain letters to light up or have personalities and often people and see sounds and hear shapes.

Kandinsky –  He, like few before him and John Burke after him, sought to evoke sound through vision and pitch through colour. Therefore when looking at his painting you can visually see what he was listening to and working from while he painted.



Another is a painter named Melissa McCracken who I came across in many online articles about the subject of visual sound and the colour of sound. Once again she is similar to Kandinsky but rather then painting the separate coloyrs and aspect of musc and sound she paint the combined collective song or memory she is seeing.




With in my work I don’t necessarily see music as colours but when I think about it i see how they look as shapes and lines but also how lines would sound if played. This allows me to map out everyday noise and music performances into something that I can then read back through and listen to again. Using this basis I want to help other people create their own interpretations of sound and visual sound, whether that be turning it back into sound or into visual image.


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