Formative Assessment

Artist Statement

This year in my work I am looking into insularity and self isolation drawing on my experiances with traveling and being isolated for a long period of time while away. Mainly looking at background noises and hidden recordings I was inspired by aritst such as Marina Abromovic, Laura Lima and other performers such as David Blaine who isolated them selves in there practice often in public spaces. Also looking at Bill Fontana for his use of sound and the vibrations of others with in a space to create sound scapes of the environment. I have turend the sensory experiace of sound art and recordings into visual representations of  isolation via sketches that incorporate bits of over heard conversations and abstract hand drawn 20 merter long sound waves. I am also recording my work onto cassette tapes as they are a physical and visual sound piece on there own with the hopes of developing installations with them.

5 Contextualisation

Laura Lima – Man=flesh/Woman=flesh

Marina Abromovic – Artist Is Present/ The Lovers

Donald Crowhurst/ Extreme Sound Proof Room

Bill Fontana – Sound Sculptures

Lincolnshire Poacher (numbers station)

5 Documentation

Self Isolation – Ogmore Beach

Recording Isolation

Abstract Sketches

4 Cassette tapes

5 20m Abstract Sound Wave Sketches


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