Hiroshi Sugimoto & Erwan Morere

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographed vast seascapes over a long exposure in many different locations. All the photographs in turn represent the same empty image split in half by the contrast between the sea and sky of the horizon line. Even though his work isn’t necessarily about the vast loneliness of the images there is no other strong feeling I get from the work other then the beginning of creation and that we are all individually created from this.



Similar to the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto is Erwan Morere’s work but in his vast grainy landscapes he incorporates figures. Sometimes solitary sometimes in groups but all seem lost and very alone in every situation.

Looking into ways of representing isolation I came across lots of sound and photography artists. Throughout Erwan Morere’s photographs you accompany him on his journey alone though empty vast expanses of land that few visit or inhabit.




From this I have decided to experiment in different mediums and I am going to do a naked photoshoot on the beach incorporating my figure lost in the distance and landscape and vast straight horizons to show vulnerability, isolations and insecurity.


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