Laura Lima – Man=flesh/Woman=flesh

This collection of her work is not nessaseraly based on the ideas of isolation and loneliness but the majority of the pieces and performance involve an isolated figure sometimes almost trapped in a space.

The isolated (some times naked) figure neither interacts with the surrounding or the viewer they become more of a physical object rather then a being with emotions and the capacity to feel isolated and abandoned.



In Homem=carne/mulher=carne – Pelos + Rede (Man=Flesh/Woman=Flesh) a man and woman lie reclined and nude in a large hammock. With their relationship defined only by physical proximity, the work delves into questions of human relations but remains ambiguous.


For example with 14 Rooms at the Fondation Beyeler in 2014, Lima fabricated a series of rooms that required the audience to kneel down and see different individuals who were wedged in a space where the ceiling and floor were just far enough to contain them. So they are contained and isolated from the general public.


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