Small Starting Video

With the plan of getting my experimentation up even higher than the previous two years and to create inspiration within myself I have set myself the task of creating a piece of work every week.

So to begin I have been drawing on my recent experience of being isolated and alienated while away traveling. While away I struggled with what type of artist I am, whether I am an artist at all and even where I fit into as a viewer and consumer of art. Most of these thoughts of alienation and insularity came to me while I was in art galleries and it effected me in a physical way with almost ear buzzing noises and gittery movements.

I have tried to bring this across in a short sound and video piece

The hypnotizing effect this video has helped show conflict between abject thoughts of liking things we shouldn’t and conflict we have within ourselves.

I feel my work along these lines needs much more development and work but once I have started to research into the concepts I have for my work working back through my work to develop will come naturally.


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