Third Year!

When thinking about what I was going to work from for my third year and ultimately my degree I panicked. Not only did I have no clue about my own current practice I felt completely isolated from my corse and the art world in total. To top this off I was spending a week traveling round Europe with my travel bursary. The idea that everyone around had set ideas and practice terrified me and made me dread coming back to uni.

Spending a month going to a minimum of two galleries a day, 9 destinations in a month I realised that I have no clue what I am doing with my own practice and this made me question where in the art world i belonged (as an artist and in what area and even as the viewer and consumer of the work). The isolation of being in a foreign country without real communication or company toped off the feelings I was having of confusion, vulnerability and destatcment. This made me think of my prevuoius work. Form fiorst year where I was looking to make other popele akward and doscusted by in someway exposing myself and then second year where I was forcing people to make themselves vulnerable.

This time I feel like I should turn the view point on myself and looking to my own venerability, isolation and confusion. Drawing from my experiences form Europe, the feelings I have towards the art world and my place in it and also my place in the world and situations I am currently in.


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