Final Documentation And Contextualisation

Artist statment

In my work I am exploring the idea of vulnerability. The idea is that being aware of the spaces you occupy and the area you inhabit places you in a vulnerable position. The installation makes people aware and conscious about their movements as the viewer walks through the piece avoiding the elastic bands and hanging containers of water. I am interested in intervention work and the idea of prank-type performances, which have led me to indulge in installations that can interfere with people’s daily lives and create an atmosphere of tension. Drawing from the work of Duchamp and Shiota and the way they used the materials, I have created web-like structures that give you the feeling being entrapped and encased in work that is moving with you. Looking at artists like Francis Alys and the ideas of territory and movement I began to find a love for water. We need water for life but as human beings, we are scared of dangerous water such as floods and storms. Throughout history we also have always moved towards water yet almost every aspect of it makes us vulnerable.

In this installation you are invited to walk through what makes you vulnerable in order to get so some sort of safety on the other side, leaving your awareness as a living being permanently changed.



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