Final Show Plans

From looking at my research into water installations, our interaction and vulnerability to water I have decided to expand my installations with aspects of water, with possible intentions of hanging bags and balloons from the ceiling within the previous examples of installations also possibly incorporating pools of water on the floor or larger clear bags filled with water on the floor.

This would create an installation that would continue the ideas of vulnerability and environment. The idea that we are vulnerable to water, we need it to live, we are at the mercy of the elements in terms of weather and us as physical human beings are pours to water as our skin absorbs and lets water into us. But also incorporates the ideas of migration/ territory and movement that has come about through our need for water.

Looking at these ideas of migration towards water especially. I would like my installation piece to incorporate all that has been said above. So the idea that the viewers of my piece will have to interact and be encouraged to walk thought the work, forcing themselves to become vulnerable to the work as the dodge the elastic bands, bags of hanging water (that I many people that have viewed my experimentation have said makes them uncomfortable as the weight and material seems very close to breaking, and when in the piece would be above and around peoples heads) Also trying to navigate around water bags/ Pools on the floor. This shows a form of migration to a sort of safety though your own vulnerability.

The added intamcy when people are inside the insterlation, created from the added objects in the installation and the need to avoid the water, relates and relafctes back to the original piece I chose by Lili Reynaud-Dewar. In the piece I originally started looking at in the video aspect of the installation some of the bulidings she was in where in venice and when they where bulit where designed to let the water in when the canals flooded. She talks about the link with vulnerability with fluids referring to the dirty waters of venice that most people try to protect them selfs from but in these buildings they except the destructive and powerful nature of water.

Setting up this piece may take some time and I will need to speak to the tutors for confirmation about my work and this piece before I continue onto building the piece.

IMG_9366  IMG_9369IMG_8735IMG_8743


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