Experimentation With Water

Not having access to the studio made it hard to experiment with my work but I found I could hang my work from the banister on my stair case. I found the shape of the bags and the thinness of the material was very visually strong and unnerving. The stretch the balloons make is also very scary and creates a really good shape (teardrop like)

IMG_9366       IMG_9369IMG_9370

I left the work hanging there for about four days to make sure the water didn’t rupture the bags and that the sting was string enough to stay up for my work to be assessed and open for exhibition.

Once I started hanging the work in the studio I noticed the balloons changed colour over the few days due to the sunlight in the studio. The balloons stared off clear but by the next day end up a yellowy cream colour. Leaving a lot of people to ask me if they are condoms.

IMG_9459     IMG_9460

This also reminds me of an that I previously looked at by Ernesto Neto. The shapes and colours are very similar and for my final show I want all the colours to be similar to this piece of his work. Muted earthy so it is less of a shock when the viewer sees it. More easily excepted and less intimidating form the outside.



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