Experimentation With Water Research

So looking into how I can use water in my installations I came across a couple of artist that hang water in plastic bags and balloons to make multi sensorial installations.

Michel François – Water Retainment

His work explicitly investigates the relationship between work and space, images and architecture, nature and culture. “The underlying idea is that the variable ‘meaning’ of each sculpture is dependent on the confrontation with other sculptures, the space in which they are displayed and they way in which they relate to this space”.


The way in which the water hangs is very still and tranquil but the softness of the water is a complete contrast against the harsh plastic of the bags and the wall of the galleries and other building which its displayed in. I feel like the contrast keeps you thinking about the work and makes you anxious about the risk of the work falling or popping.

Cheryl Pope – Up Against

“A field of 738 water filled balloons suspended at head height by gold chains painted white. As the female figure performing aggressively battles each balloon with her head, the balloons and water oscillate with a nervous tension referencing the internal workings of the body both physically and psychologically.”

The use of the balloons closely mirror what I was doing with my elastic bands and I think will create the same feeling and presents as my current work. I like the way the balloons stretch and create tension that make the audience feel nervous. I also like the performance aspect of the work with the views also participating and feeling the weight and danger of the balloons.


I plan on experimenting with hanging balloons and bag with water inside them and develop ways I can incorporate this practice into my work.


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