Experimenting with New Materials

When looking into large scale installation artist using different materials to help develop my work further I came across these web like installation made from packing tape. The installations invites visitors to sit and relax, asking them to partake in the experience.

1082045504 10820455821082045527

The shape and feel of the work is very similar to mine so I decided to experiment with my materials to see if I could create a better and more dynamic installation with different materials.

IMG_9411 IMG_9412IMG_9413IMG_9414 IMG_9415 IMG_9416

Using tape is a lot more complicated then my previous materials. I wasn’t able to make the work as large as I wanted and have previously done. Although the shapes and the look with the light shiny though creates a better atmosphere then my previous materials.

I will try and incorporate this material into my final show work. But I will still go back to my preciously used elastic bands because I know how to use them to create the finished feel to my work and know how to use them in the given space I will get.


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