Water – Kirsten Pieroth – Kitty Kraus – Francis Alys

From looking at territory and movement I can to the conclusion that most of our moments as humans to towards resources, especially water. We need water to live so we are constantly depended on it and environments that can supply it. But form this we are also vulnerable to the effects of weather and the constant battle humans have to survive floods, rain, snow etc.

Also our skin is porous to water, so i like the idea that we can absorb water even without our consent. This has given me the inspiration to include water in my installations, because as humans this is one of our biggest vulnerabilities and we have to navigate though it and with it our entire lives, tying this in with the movement the viewers of my piece have to do to view and participate with my work

Artist that use water in there work

Kirsten Pieroth – Kreuzberger Pfütze

““Kreuzberger Pfütze” is the title of a piece by Pieroth exhibited in the basement of Sparwasser HQ. Pfütze” means puddle; Sparwasser means “spared water.” The title describes the project: Pieroth has moved a puddle from Kreuzberg to Sparwasser HQ, thereby removing the puddle from its original spatial context. The transferred puddle is, in its fluidity, a signifier of endless reshaping.”

I love the idea of moving water from one environment to another. From one place it had settled to another where it is awkward, unwanted and in the way.

kirsten_pieroth_1  kirsten_pieroth_2

Another one of her pieces is a collection of jars, bottles and other containers filled with water in which she boiled books. This has helped give me different ideas about containing and displaying water as part of an installation.

kirsten-pieroth-boiled-books-jars-600x394  kirsten-pieroth-boiled-books-jars-2-600x300

Kitty Kraus

One of her pieces begins with a large, frozen block of ink and water which contains a light bulb and cord extending from the centre. The light is turned on, and its heat slowly begins to melt the black box from with in. Eventually the frozen black becomes an abstract puddle, showing the powerful nature of water and the natural movement. “Raising questions about the work’s essential form.”

kitty4-1040x693  kitty3-1040x694

Francis Alys – Sometimes making something leads to nothing

Alÿs pushed a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City until it completely melted. His work is looking at the struggles of the people living in the city the work was performed in. I love his use of linking vulnerability with water. Even if the materials aren’t directly related to the concept (just about the struggle of pushing it until it is nothing) the link to both separate subjects to me is strong and powerful.

paradox-praxis-i-sometimes-doing-something  sometimes-making-something-leads-to-nothing-by-francis-alys



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