Site specific/ Failure

The two key concept lectures that inspired mw the most where the site specific one and the one on failure. The site specific one was the most influential to my studio work this year as it thought me the power that work can have when it is based on a certain place and gave me the inspiration to take my work out of the studio and experiment with the different reactions based on the area the work is based.

I also used sites specific for my goth sports day research Site Specific Artwork (GSD) In whichi I say.

The location my work is set in can play a big role in how it work with the audience and weather it works as art. For example my work in the studio at first was unexpected and stared to make people aware of themselves but now after it has been up awhile people have become accustomed to it. Where as moving my work to town makes the piece into a site specific piece as it becomes incorporated into the surrounding where it can then reach its full potential.

This is also relevant for my site project work goth sports day. All the work in this project is relevant to specific sites. Weather it is information critic where the work is based in a every day formal setting, The gallery show one where they are looking at how art can be adapted into a gallery space. And our group where it is a more informal environment and you have to adapted the work to and out door environment and also a informal event.

From looking at the subject of failure in a different lecture. From these I remembered the artist Bas Jan Ader when I was looking into art to do with water.  Lots of his work that where the most powerful to me where his work involving water (holding a branch till he falls in to a stream, Riding his bike into the canal and his final piece where he tried to make a single-handed west–east crossing of the North Atlantic. Which he presumably fail as he was reported presumed dead shortly after). His work looks at fialer and the perfoemce pieces he created where all set up to fail.

o_basjan1 bjainsearch_600_450_90


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