Theories Of Space – Louise Bourgeois – Travel Bursary

One piece that really sums up and helps people understand the way space in a piece or the space a piece is in is Louise Bourgeois’s Spider sculpture. This piece has been exhibited in many different locations but the two times I have personally seen it is when it was inside the Turbine Hall in the Tate modern and when they moved it outside. When it was inside the building the sculpture seem very large, looming and intimidating, compared to what it was moved outside and where it still had some of these qualities they where dampened a lot by the new environment.

Looking up her work I came across her collection of cages.

‘The cells are perhaps Bourgeois’s most autobiographical works, acting as tangible manifestations of psychic space. They suggest rooms which enforce solitary confinement, such as prison cells, as well as rooms which provide private thinking space, such as bedrooms or monks’ cells.’


peaux-de-lapins-chiffons-ferrailles-a-vendre-2006-bourgeois-kukje v0_master

‘Exploration of the exterior/interior world’

Each cell is like a mini installation and making small captions of here life into spaces that you can enter (some of the cages you cant enter but in theory they have space that you can occupy inside) and surrounded yourself in snippets of her life that are imposing and trap you into the venerable moment. Looking at her work I came across the largest collection of her cages being exhibited in Spain and decided to apply for a couple of the travel bursaries so I can go and experience for my self how she works and manipulates space.


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