Goth Sports Day – Reflection

Over all for this project I didn’t preform to my best abilities. I found myself intimidated by the idea of the event and even though I had strong ideas for the work I found myself with drawing from the planning and creation. Preferring to work on my own and in terms of performance art more ridged and anonymous.

Before the event started I went down to the field and set up some installation in the goal posts and entrance. But due to the complete disinterest I am ashamed to admit to I didn’t photograph any of my work. When we started the march down to the file I was in charge of greeting everyone in the mood and announcing the event over the mega phone. I was very good at the start and set a good mood but shortly after we arrived at the filed my own failings of not knowing what was going on at what time meant that I failed at my only job for the event and a tutor took over. I also dressed up for the event to create a good atmosphere by dying my hair black and wearing dark make up

I am very ashamed at my efforts for this project. I tried to stay in the group to push myself but never managed to do that. I should have switched into the group I wanted to be in when I had the chance.

I think this event has fully put me off the idea of performance art like this for awhile as i felt distant and very uninspired though out this entire project.




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