Artist Interventions

Intervention art is art designed specifically to interact with an existing structure or situation, but also can make you think about a situation or circumstance that you are otherwise unaware of.

“When artists attempted to radically transform the role of the artist in society, and thereby society itself. They are most  commonly associated with conceptual art and performance art.”

Examples of intervention art that has helped inspire me

Two men jump naked into Tracey’s bed, 1999


The two artists got into the famous installation piece by Tracy Emin. When explaining there reasoning they said they were “improving” Emin’s work, because they thought it had not gone far enough. The idea that there art work was almost a protest against other peoples beliefs (performance art) and was created to interfere with other peoples out work  and the views of the work really inspires me to do something along these lines for my prject work.

I have already had my own go at this type of work inspired by work like this with the locker exhibition where i joined in with a show I wasn’t part of and bent the rules of the show by making my work go outside the locker and interrupting other people work, to the annoyance of the other artists.

Stuckist clowns at the Tate


The Suckist’s demonstrated outside the turner prize, they obtained written permission from the gallery that this form of dress was acceptable (clown costumes), and then walked round the Turner Prize wearing it. There entire movement is about demonstrating and promoting painting as are and condemning conceptual art. They turned there views on conceptual art into an art form and interfered with the public in a way that was amusing and also effective due to the large media covering they got.

In my site project work I am looking at the idea of intervention and the spesicfic idea of interaction with the public. I am planning on becoming some kind of trickster/ prankster duing the evet as a running perforemnce. This links into my studio work as without noticing it my work has become somewhat of a annoyance to other people and at the atart of this project I started drawing on that with my involvement with the locker excibiton and my research in to Duchamps string.


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