Locker Exhibition

Even though I am not in the Do It Yourself group I was able to join in with there locker exhibition. After speaking with the tutors they where very excited for me to join in with out a locker by placing my installations under, on top and around the exhibition space. While I was getting ready to set up my work I was given a spare locker in which I could get up my work and after speaking to the tutors decided to have the work comping out the top of the the locker and up to the celling looking at chiharu shiota’s work and Duchamp’s 1000 miles of string.

IMG_9059IMG_9060IMG_9061IMG_9062 IMG_9063

Some people where unhappy that I was involved in the exhibition as I wasn’t part of the group and my work came outside of my locker and could potentially be distraction from every else’s work but that some times can be the nature of shows and life. I personally don’t thing it was that distracting as people where there too look inside the lockers and thats what they did.

12801191_10208600665479352_7054813985483300673_n-2IMG_9058IMG_9071IMG_9077 12801191_10208600665479352_7054813985483300673_n-2


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