GSD – Flux Olympiad And Audience Participation

The fluxus movement is about blending and bringing together different artistic mediums and disciplines, and installing values into everyday activities. They often challenge the ideas of what art is and about.

On of the performances that incorporates all of the above is the flux olympiad which links in the idea of sport and art. Two things you dont often think of together. Unrestricted art. Anti art.

The flux-sports included in this art performance where things like, soccer games played on stilts, obstacle shoe races, slow speed bicycle races and the balloon shot put. Often games that seem stupid or are made to be difficult or set up to fail by using unusual equipment and costumes. This all add comedy to sport and a fun aspect to some things that dont normally create humour.

In our project group we are taking these ideas and recreate our own games and perfoemnces in our event.


Audience participation


Morris’s original exhibition which went on display in 1971


Recreation in 2009

Many pieces of performance art use the idea of audience participation as a large section to add layers to there work. One of the first pieces involving artist interaction was Robert Morris’s Bodyspacemotionthings which is a fully interactive sculptural installation that is only fully realised thought audience participation. Platforms, tunnels, ramps and rope where somethings used to transform the gallery space into a playground. Without participation the work is just a jumble of different shapes and materials. His work also links back to my studio work as his work is said as ‘exploring ideas of spacial awareness, of becoming aware of yourself, your own body, as a physical object in space’


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