Overall Field Reflection

My studio work this year has been heavily influenced by my field projects. I would never have started creating my installations that look at space, conciseness and vulnerability without my research into art and the conscious mind and art work that is conscious of itself. Also from Things behind the sun I would have never looking into the hanging objects that I have used in my final show piece and my work would have had a lot less development and research involved in it. I also used a lot of my work from this project to apply to the second year travel bursaries from which I have won two and will be travelling around Europe visiting different arts shows thought out the summer.

Through field I have been able to research into different subjects I didn’t think I would be able to link into my work. Philosophy, psychology and physics now play a big part into my studio practice and I would have never had gone back to looking at landscape (which I have done really well in) if I hadn’t have choses that particular Field project.

I feel like i now have more of a drive with my own work after seeing the potential that my work can have. And I am so much more inspired to start third year with a wealth of different experience and ideas that I would not have had without the experiences of field.

Art and the conscious mind – The installation and beginning concepts for art work conscious of its self

Things behind the sun – Hanging objects to represent the wind led to the final hanging water


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