Reflecting Back on Things Behind The Sun

From this project I feel like I have gained a love for the over looked and the unusual in comparison to the beautiful and pretty. I always try to look at and produce a more unusual art compared to everyone else’s so I feel like this project has made me realise more about this and also fuelled it further.

I feel like if I am to continue this project I will look into editing the photos more to create even more obscure and confusing compositions. Altering the colours on the images would also add more depth and mystery to the images where as changing the scale of the work is more likely to draw people in to the the work and idea of being small and insignificant in comparison to nature and the world. I also want to continue my look into the wind that I experienced there in my installation work I started.

I hope to try and bring my love of the book Edgeland into my continuing studio work but Im not sure in what way yet.

(Added after Moodle Field submission)

I used the shapes from my sketches to help develop my studio work that was inspired by my work in Art and the conscious mind. Mimicking the wind we experienced on the trip into my work with elastic bands by hanging objects that you would normally find in the landscape (branches, logs, plants). This then allowed me to develop my work though hanging object and onto suspending water in my work allowing me to expand my ideas and further my studio practice.


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