Landscape Collage Artist Research

Beth Hoeckel

Throughout all of Hoeckel’s work, there runs a deep sense of being amazed at the grandness of the universe and in her Point of View series she depicts people from all walks of life staring in awe at various natural vistas, be it the moon, a mountain, the sky or the ocean, sometimes larger than the landscape and often times dwarfed by it.

This links very well into my work of making small scale nature large and somewhat imposing at times.



The was she has collaged the sky in this image inspired my to add the water in my own collages as the sky for one of the landscapes.


Bryan Olson

Olson’s work creates a weird other worldly feeling that is part earth landscape part alien landscape. His work reflects that of his own wonders: nature, space, and the ultimate unknown.

strange-grass-bryan-olson-e1382221354650 2013_bryan-olson-02


Again the way he has layered landscape with other geometric shapes and bizar back grounds creates a sense of otherworldly ness that I would like to recreate in my work but still keeping to images of the landscape.





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