Edgelands: Journeys into England’s True Wilderness

“Somehow we know immediately the meaning of “edgelands”. The word evokes zones where overspill housing estates peter out or factories give way to black fields or scrubland; where unkempt areas become home to allotments, mobile-phone masts, sewage works, cooling towers, dens, places of forgetting, dumping and landfill.”

Looking though this book instantly grabbed me as I fined that I am more drawn to the more gritty and edgy landscapes rather then the idilic and beautiful landscape. There is something hidden and strangely beautiful living in these types of areas that are often over looked and untouched. This book invites you onto the possibility, mystery and beauty of the over looked, unloved and some times dangerous bits of landscape we live amongst.

I used this book to inspire me for the entire project. It made me fall in love with the unlooked bit of nature and landscape. It has changed the way I view areas and space and it inspired my studio practice to keep my work revolving around environments and habitable areas.


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