Keith Arnatt – Miss Grace’s Lane

‘Monumentalising such drossy traces of human existence, lightly undercutting ideas of the sublime in British landscape painting.’


Keith Arnatt is a photographer that for one series of his work looks at dumped rubbish and the way that it reflects the landscape but also makes a comment of the way we live as humans and our effect on the planet. I see his work as a very compelling way to interpret landscape. It is unusual and differs from what you would normally see as landscape but to me it is as much a representation of landscape as any other as it is photographs but of land. It also starts to represent and refer to traditional landscape work as the colours and shapes of objects and the land start looking more natural and familiar.

‘In one image the ruderal vegetation has been accidentally half-wrapped by Interflora packaging; in another, a small watering can sits by the scrub, as though some dutiful local has been tending the wasteland.’

From looking at his work I am going to create my own rubbish landscapes by photographing bits of dumped rubbish in nature. Im not so much looking at the whole images to represent a beautiful landscape but more the contract between the natural and the man made.


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