Richard Long

Looking at artist that use bits of nature and landscape in there work I thought of Richard Long. The first piece of his his work I came across when I was looking at artist that use there own body to make work and looked at this ‘A Line Made By Walking’ which is a strong piece of unusual and exciting land art. Looking more into him I found his work where he takes bits of landscape to recreate into pieces of landscape art. Like bits of mud found at the bottom of a waterfall which he then uses like paint on a canvas to recreate the feel and effect of the waterfall he experienced. He also used objects such as rocks to create land art sculptures.

linewalkingWaterfall Line 2000 by Richard Long born 1945

This is really interesting to me as I have thought about using bits of nature in my work but never practised this until I looking in to Richard Long and created the hanging logs in my collaborative installation this week.


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