Landscape Installation

To develop from our work previously in this week we continued on the idea of sculptural landscape and collaboratively a group of us created a installation looking at the shapes in the landscape we saw.


I chose to use bits of trees to incorporate the idea of nature in my part of the installation and hung them from the celling with my elastic bands that I have been previously working with to recreate the movement in the landscape caused by the wind that we experienced.


Other bits in the installation consisted of bits of wood placed together to create the illusion of mountains, found garden equipment and plants to come together to create our collaborative interpretation of landscape.


As an installation artist this has been one of the most exciting and interesting parts of this field subject for me. I love the way that I found I can look at the wind in a physical way with the movement of my elastic bands and incorporate bits of nature into is as well. This has really inspired me carry on looking at suspending different objects with my elastic bands to create different effects.

To give our work another dimension we then sketched bits of our work to see how this would work if it was an actual landscape that we where observing and sketching from. I thin that it defiantly has created a more interesting looking sketch then the original sketches i did.



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