Interpreting The Landscape In The Studio

Our first day back in the studio working on our landscape work involved us looking though our hundred sketches to group together similarities in our work. I missed this part of the workshop because I forgot to bring my images, but when I got home I was able to look at my sketches together and came to the conclusion lots of my sketches feature the texture of the landscape and the tops of the kills and cliffs. This I a very exciting thing to look at for the coming weeks.

In the workshop I was able to use another students sketches when we had to pick on and start working from that. We then started looking at constantly recreating the image in different mediums so that we could see how different mediums create different textures, effects and feelings to the work. Reworking the same images many tims also allowed me to stop thinking of the image in terms of when we first saw the landscape and start seeing it as lines of pencil/ charcoal/ ink which allowed me to be more inventive with the way I crated the images.


We then recreated the four images as one in the same medium to create an abstract feeling landscape that referenced the original that we experienced but was also complete different and affected by the new studio environment we where in.


I then chose to start moving into sculpture as this is another untouched medium in my artwork that I fancied discovering in my work. As I am not a sculpture my final work didn’t really work as a 360 piece of work which is something I need to continue developing if I want to go into this type of work more often.



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