Panoramic Sketches and View Finders

While we where away we where tasked with creating panoramic sketches for each four points of the compass, but due to my sketching technique I was not able to complete 2 whole pieces consisting of for sketches each. This was to help us understand and get a feel of the environment we where in. When you are in a studio and not in the environment you cannot get a full 360 view of the landscape so this was a rare and exciting moment to really study the way it moves and shapes around you.

I managed to do two for each one that are very vague. Next time i do a task like this I will remember that I need a lot longer time then everyone else and therefore need to plan ahead to be able to get all the work done or change my sketching style more to fit with the task and the enviroment.


This was great to help me understand and digest the entire of a landscape.

Another one of our tasks was to use a view finder to create a small box in on our page and sketch a far away landscape outside the box and then place the view finder on the floor and inside of the box sketch the micro texture of the landscape.

This was a task to show us that there are complete opposites in landscape art that I had never really thought about before. Like not only is a cliff and the ocean a landscape but the texture of seaweed and rocks can also be a landscape of its own.



We then reversed this to get another weird perspective to our work.

I used ink for the larger sketches as it produced a bolder image compared to the image inside the box and it also solved my problem of long and slow sketches that I previously struggled with.



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