Sensing Spaces

‘How does the room you’re sitting in make you feel?’

Sensing Spaces is a sight specific art installation  created by seven architects with the idea of  reawakening visitors’ to the galleries reactions and interactions to the spaces around them.

Each piece makes you think differently about the space you are occupying and sharing with the art pieces. MOst importantly I looked at Diebedo Francis Kere’s work. When designing his piece he wanted to create a space inside a space and involve elements of participation and community that he has experienced in his home country.

‘His building sites are places of experiment and engagement for all.’


I feel the geometric shapes from the straw in his work link to the over all look of my installations. I also like the way as the piece gets bigger it makes you really think about how you walk through it as the space gets smaller and smaller and therefore less space for yourself to negotiate.


I think this makes me look at the interactive side of my work and I would like to take my work at side the studio and into peoples everyday lives to get more interaction going on.


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