Art And The Conscious Mind Reflection

From art and the conscious mind I created installations that where conscious of them selves and also made you conscious of your own body and the space you take up without realising. Using elastic bands that i was using in my studio work I stared creating environment that by making you conscious of yourself made you vulnerable and very aware of everything.

I found the lectures in this project very time consuming and difficult (when I fist stared the project I was told it was very word and lecture heavy but felt like I needed to challenge and push myself into things I am not normally up for) as I find reading a writing very difficult. Writing nots for the lectures because very stressful and in the end a lot of my write ups where from memory and when I was connecting and using the ideas in my studio practice I had to do a lot of extra research into the subject.

I feel like I my studio practice has been change forever from this project as I have always been concept based but this has shown me how far I am able to get into philosophy and other complex ideas and still make a very accessible and understand able piece of art work.


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