Art and The Conscious Mind 8

Entopic imagery – Something you see from your own body (black dots in your eyes)
Injured eye series – Blood clot in his eye
Hypnagogic imagery – Vivid hallucinations (visual and oral) Falling when dreaming – Pulsating colours when closing eyes
Often brought on when at poles (nothing to look at – so brain fills in)
Cave art – Pattens and shapes – France combination of animals and hallucinations and shapes (mind and the cave)
Animism – The doctrine of souls – Living character of what appear to us as inanimate objects (trees have souls)
David attinbrough – Masks
Mediumship – Madge Gill (1882-1961) Recovered from illness and claimed she was in touch with a spirt
Guo Fenqyi – Energy channel decomposition diagram – Massive drawings of energy flow
Hieronymus Bosch – The temptation og st. Anthony (Isolation might have cause hallucinations)
Sensory deprivation tanks
Ufo’s – After the 50s (before technology angels and demons) Different cultures – see different things
Carl Jung – Flaying saucers (book)
Solitary confinement – Mental torture
Spacial hallucinations – Drugs
Ionel Talpazan – Propulsitc Nucleara – Blue pirints of the technology she experienced when he was abducted (not meant to be art/ World peace)
Paul Laffoley – Thanaton iii (alien tools and space travel after abduction)
Alternate guild to the universe
Hockney – we are all in space – (Twenty five years of conversations with David Hockney)
Surely in some future century, when artist are among those journeying throughout the universe, they will be encountering and endeavouring…

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