Large Scale Room Insterllation

During the weekend I took over one of the project spaces in order to create a large scale installation that cant be created in the normal areas of the studio with all the obstacles. The piece I created had the ability to be interacted in and with in a big way as you could get yourself trapped in the piece as it was so big and complex with the amount of bands in it. I also had a lot of movement to it as there was little objects and walls to conect the bands too.

IMG_8731 IMG_8733IMG_8735IMG_8736IMG_8738IMG_8743IMG_8744IMG_8745

As it was only a short time installation at the end of the day after i got people to interact with the piece i had to remove it from the space. While talking it down i let bit hang and sag to create another look and feel to the piece.

IMG_8751 IMG_8752IMG_8753IMG_8756IMG_8757IMG_8758




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