Art and The Conscious Mind 5

The unity and rationality of the conscious mind
 – To what extent are our minds unified?
 – To what extent are we rational beings?
Is your experience of seeing the painting unified (one experience)
 – One thing or another
 – Not one things and not another at the same time
Separate the mind from everything else
Mind is separate from the body (body is always divisible – Keep chopping it up)
(mind is not divisible – Cant have half a thought)
Self-consciousness – all the things I think the fact I think them all together makes them
When we think about our selfs we think of something that is combined
How dose the mind band together to form a single experience
The our ordinary everyday experience exhibits both unity and continuity is uncontroversial and on the face of it utterly
Epilepsy – Corpus callosum – Slice two half of the brain apart (resulted in multiple personalities)
Made up of more the none independently exsistiong minds
No unified minds – Constantly observing yourself observing the original screen (recursive)
Dis unified (need a multitrack polifonif conscious)
How the brain responds to art (art and neuro science)
Every day consciousness – normal waking, rational consciousness
Rational everyday
though capable of action is not conscious of what he is doing
Cognitive Dissonance (Torn mind syndrome)
When people have conflicting beliefs they cant reconcile they’ll be forced to believe something even if they know its not true.
Rational emotive behaviour therapy
The nature of unity and rationality
Unity 1 – Being one (oneness) – nothing is purely one thing
Unity 2 – Universe after the bing bang (recognise it as one ting but is made up of many things)
Ambiguity of unity – something that is made up of many things is not made up o one thing
Rationality – strive for clarity
Scientists are looking for a rational explanation of conciseness – but is that rational?
Non-contradiction (here or not) negative space around a circle (for it to exsist you have to contradict your self – can see it with out not seeing it)
For something to be it has not to be at the same time – Pen and not pen (without not pen you cant have pen)
Non-absolutism – blind monks and the elephant
Paradox – unacceptable conclusion – This statement is false
Seeing many sepracte things in one painting – WHOLES AND PARTS, sameness and difference
Painting and a cathedral (two separate things) seeing something that it also isn’t at the same time
paint as paint – paint as sky or stone
Separate from me but part of me – Flatness and depth
Pictures – Two folded
The paradoxes of art
why when we read watch a film do we empathise with the characters that are nothing but words or marks
Conciseness 1 – We believe in the fiction
Conciseness 2 – We don’t believe in the fiction
Fill the art work with contradictory properties (barak)
Manipulating our perception (taking you down one path and ending up and somthing different)
Paint – Appears as flowers – paint appearing as a flower and as parts of the portrait
Cant be a bull and bicycle parts at the same time
Jiro Yoshuhara
Must have multiple meanings for it to be a work of art
Best art work is the ones with many contradictive ideas
We can think of the mind as a fractured unity
Circle one thing – and many at the same time – Sense things when one turns into another (when things change)

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