Connecting the Installations and Different Locations

This week I decided to start moving my installations around different parts of the studio, to different areas where people wouldn’t expect to be to elastic bands strung. I also looked at attaching all of the studio located installations together to create one large piece that all vibrated and moved together.

The one unified large installation was a great success as it wrapped around a large part of the studio and therefore you where able to see the movement of other people represented in the bands that where otherwise out of sight and your personal perception.

Moving the work out of the studio was also another successful move. Firstly it helped lead people to my other work but it also made people encounter something they didn’t nesaserally want to experience or think about (making them aware of how little attention they are playing to there environment)

This work relates to the original art work I am looking at as it is about space movement and vulnerability. When you step into the space we are aware of yourself and your own vulnerability as the piece moves and vibrates and you interact with it. Lining to the movement aspect of the inspiring work and the idea of making yourself vulnerable.



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